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by Bree Bellucci

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When promising art student Olivia falls down a particularly ghastly rabbit hole, she's sure that life as she knows it is gone. She finds herself in a strange universe of nymph slaves and monster overlords, where she is reduced to nothing but a sexual prize. But this bizarre place is not only filled with depraved masters, but also unlikely allies.

Before long, Olivia is learning the ins and outs of her odd prison but she's not sure how much longer she can survive this nightmare of sexual degradation. She formulates a plan to escape, and with the help of some of her captives, it seems the plan may come to fruition.

In order to leave she must pay the ultimate price yet again... surrender her tight young body to the depraved sexual desires of more foul beasts.

Gog is a special treat for Olivia, he's a disgusting monster even more horrible than the rest of the horde and he's been saved just for her. His animal lust is intensified by the fact that he hasn't fucked a human woman in months and Olivia's full breasts and the lusty scent of her moistening crotch are driving the beast wild.

The Dungeon of Depraved Beasts is a thrilling erotic horror novel containing uninhibited and graphic scenes of foul sexual acts between willing female submissives and disgusting beasts.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

“Oh yes, I know just who I want you to have,” Rurik said softly as he moved through the cages, his eyes raking over the locked up beasts and women.

Olivia only looked briefly at Leo as they passed; she could feel his eyes boring into her as she went by. Olivia thought they also passed Jeff and Frederick’s cages but she couldn’t be sure. Hidden in the shadows, all the beasts looked alike.

Rurik stopped abruptly and Olivia almost bumped into him. Her nostrils filled with a foul, rotten smell, and she had to cover her mouth and nose to keep from gagging.

“This is Gog,” Rurik said softly and Olivia forced herself to peer around Rurik’s thick frame. The monster that hovered in the corner was repulsive; his skin an inky black shade with multiple craters that seemed to be seeping fluid. His eyes were two sunken in holes and Olivia could not make a mouth. He stood on two thick legs and his back curved into a hunch where two thick arms rested.

“Gog!” Rurik said loudly and Gog stirred, his eyes glassy until they focused on Olivia. He pulled himself up straighter as his eyes moved across Olivia’s body.

“I’ve brought someone for you,” Rurik said softly again and he nudged Olivia towards the monster. Olivia hoped that this wouldn’t last long and that the plan would soon spring into action. Rurik stepped back and began to stroke himself as Gog stumbled forward.

Gog moved behind Olivia, surveying her from all angles as one circles their prey. He moved his slimy hand down her bare arm, caressing her skin and then moved away to look at her once more. He grunted in approval and Olivia watched with disgust as he began to rub the dark, twisted cock that hung between his legs.

The beast’s stench began to fade and Olivia realized that the smell of lavender was permeating the room. She was glad for the drug, but she focused hard on keeping her mind clear. She would need all her wits about her.

He stiffened quickly and Olivia knew there would be no pretense about what he did. He took Olivia by the hand and pulled her back to the shadows of his cage. Behind her, Rurik sighed and Olivia could hear the sickening smack of his own hand against his cock.

Gog roughly pushed Olivia over, and she nearly stumbled as she caught herself against a decrepit bench. Gog pushed her thighs apart and Olivia moaned quietly, the drugs taking full affect as she ached for the monster to fuck her. Gog yanked her underwear down, rubbing his fingers in her moist pussy. Olivia moaned louder and she tried to remember that the drugs were making her feel this way, that she didn’t actually want Gog to enter her.

The creature groaned loudly, pushing her back flatter as he moved up behind her. She felt him drag his cock along the inside of her thigh and she cried out excitedly as she felt his thick mass pressing against her swollen lips. Teasingly, Gog ran his cock along her anus and outer lips, making her moan and beg for him. Rurik was groaning softly also and Olivia didn’t think she could hold out for one more second.

She needed Gog to fuck her now.

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